Building a Better Home

We are willing and able to provide all general electrical needs in your home from the installation of a new outlet to an entirely new electrical service. We can also aid in pulling any electrical permits required in the building or improvement your home. We offer a range of outdoor electrical services as well which include running power to the new hot tub you might want or the pool you’re having installed. Reach out to us for any residential inquiry and quote!

NOTICE: We are licensed, insured, and obligated to uphold all current code guidelines.

Energy Efficiency

With the current trend toward energy efficiency, we are proud to say that we have worked with customers and Consumer’s Energy to provide rebates for those who want to swap out older, inefficient lighting systems for more efficient LED lighting.

Do you have an electric vehicle(EV)? If so, we are able to install modern home charging systems for your car. There are many incentives to owning an EV and below is a link to the Michigan DMV which contains vast information regarding a new rebate program for installing a home charging system. We’re also working with Tesla to become part of their certified installers program as energy efficiency becomes increasingly important.

DMV Link:

If you like what you’ve seen so far and want to inquire about a potential project, fill out the form below!